TIPS TO OVERCOMING THE FEELINGS TO COMMIT SUICIDE- suicide attenpt,suicide cases,suicide causes,


Many  boys and girls,and people generally have attempted suicide, some have taken their own lives,while many others have inflicted themselves with injuries because, their boyfriends said their relationship is over. Truly speaking, I know how it hurts for someone you've spent and shared love with for years to disappoint. I know what it truly feels because I was once disappointed by someone, in fact my first love who used to call me his mistress after spending many years of my resourceful life with him,even though it was a distance relationship. Hey! I can tell you: "there was nothing distance about the relationship. Everything was real to us,and we both could feel the warmness in our body,soul and spirit. Read more: how to deal with guilt

My dear lady, whenever your boyfriend tells you that it is over,just pick up some courage ,pretend you are strong, and tell him " thank you "! Try not to think about it that moment. In fact, pretend again that nothing has happened. Then,on a very good time when you are in good spirit, think of what he said to you,and the relationship. If possible, my dear one,let the reflection of all you have shared with him roll down some tears from your eyes. Try not to hold back your tears,because if you do you will surely have another day to pay for it.
No one is your lifeline in this world. Always remember this scene: if you and your boyfriend find yourselves in a dying situation,always remember that he would save himself first! So dear,you see how selfish your boyfriend could be? Is this the kind of person you would hurt yourself for,simply because he called it a day with you?
Dear lady,make yourself an asset! Make yourself a material,men would find so hard to get so that if by tomorrow he says " no", you can always walk out like a queen who will never lose a thing for anything that doesn't want to be. Moreover I say to you woman: " Keep yourself very busy,and continue to make yourself a better you. One day,just one day, the just man,that deserves you,will walk up to you,propose to you and take you home as his wife!!
When something goes beyond your control,don't worry. The one who is able will justify everything at the right time! Hurting yourself my dear for for someone who doesn't give a damn is simply an injurious abuse!!!

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