How to know if it is infatuation

You know,living in the world of boys and girls is one thing that makes this life very,very interesting. Even before boys could learn how to speak,he's already attracted to a baby girl and vice versa. You know what? That feelings between adolescents is one that i wouldn't what to talk about! You are already there I know. Now the big question: HOW DO I I KNOW IF IS INFATUATION?

A question was once asked to a group of  ladies  in a seminar to raise their hands if they are still singles and searching. You know what? Not even one of them agreed that they are not in a relationship. They all believed that as long as they have boy friends,everything about their relationship is LOVE! But hey! it is not true! It could be infatuation. Again I ask; How do i know if it is infatuation? Just open your eyes and see how to know if it is infatuation.

Infatuation believes that everything is okay in a relationship even when she is not truly happy.
Infatuation believes that the man she dates is absolutely perfect even when she herself is imperfect.
Infatuation never finds fault in what is bad even when she could see it with her two big eyes.
Infatuation makes her to stay even when her boy friend remains passive in everything. In fact,
Infatuation makes one to lie to himself,and bluntly refuse to follow his heart. He and she prefer to die than to let go when the centre obviously can not hold! That is how to know,if it is infatuation!!!


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