Why people commit suicide : causes and solutions

Why people  commit suicide : causes and solutions

Life can be mysterious,yes I know. It can be hard and very frustrating, yes that's true! But there's something so beautiful about life that I need to tell you. It is the fact that the problems of this world is evenly distributed and shared Among the living.

What sin have you committed that no one else has not? What disappointment or hardship have you experienced that no one else hasn't?? I have seen virgins having been raped by their fathers,having been sexually violated and molested by blood relatives, yet they still live their lives in shame without considering suicide or any form of self injury.

My point is that depression has always been one of the major reasons people commit suicide. Yet, many people have gone through it many times and still keep moving. Every problem surely has success. Suicide is no solution! It is injurious abuse!!!

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