When relationship hurts

When relationship hurts

If there is one thing that hurts in life, it is losing one thing that you truly cherish and love. It could be a spouse, siblings, precious friends, or even relatives.

Teen age is the period of time when the bloom of love becomes so strong that neither the boy nor the girl could tell if it's real love or infatuation. Everything happens fine,and feels so good between them. The feelings they share become so warm and affectionate and before you know it,one truly begins to love the other,while the other instead of doing same begins to fall apart. 
Hmmmm, it is at this point that the one who loves begins to crack and hurt the heart. She wants to do everything to have his love, but no,he wouldn't give in. Every day and night she cries, and deny herself pleasures all because of him!

Dearies, losing a relationship hurts,yes we know,but it wouldn't kill you if you let it go; but losing yourself for one who doesn't care about your feelings is stupidity, and foolishness. It is injurious abuse!!!

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