When a man gets erection on seeing a woman

 When a man gets erection on seeing a woman
Many people have asked: do men get erection from seeing a lady who is pretty but well covered ? Is it normal? A lot of guys have been caught in this pitiable condition either in a restaurant when they see ladies wearing tops that reveal their nipples,or curve shapes,or when they see someone bend over to clean a table.

 Is this a normal behavior?? Yes,it is a normal thing for guys to feel erection when they are stimulated by sexual arousing objects, pictures, or actions. It is just like a man or woman who in being hungry, sees food and begins to salivate. 
If one is not hungry for anything, he can never salivate on seeing it! Likewise, if a man is not stimulated, he can never be aroused simply because he sees a naked woman! Stimulation comes,when a man has already fixed his brain and mind on s*x actions even without seeing any s*x form, he is sure to have erection,and begin to be in trouble. Erection causes pain in the scrotum and if not attended to,may cause serious sexual injury! This is injurious abuse!!!

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