When girls die for love

 When girls die for love

This is surely a very interesting thing to talk about since Juliet is home,while Romeo is still asleep. You see,love affair is one of the greatest risk that everyone born of a woman must go through at any point in his life. As a risk,the chances are that you may either succeed, or fail! Since it is a risk,while not go through it with a tip of an ice,or a leap of a toe.

A lot of reports have shown that young ladies, who are in one form of relationship or another die of heart attack,or strokes as a result of emotional depression. A recent report from Erika Sanker from U.S. also says,that a teen dies of stroke after a love bite from her boyfriend which causes blood clot to the brain. What is usually lost in love affairs is always greater than what is gained.

Girls and boys, men and women, let us always be sure and sincere about what we want and go for it. When we see it is not working out, take a leave, and happily move on. Leave deceit out of relationship. Never place your whole heart and mind in it and stop dying for love that is not your life. It is injurious abuse!!!

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