Unchaste conduct

Unchaste conduct 
Unchaste conduct is any conduct that is impure,unholy, and things that shouldn't be mentioned among humans. It is anything that HUMILIATES ONE TO NOTHING! What does the issue of stealing make you feel? To me, it makes me feel that the person being stolen from is better than the stealer himself. That is humiliation!!

In some cultures, stealers are usually made to walk round their town and village naked with serious beatings following it. In other cultures too, thieves are usually burned or stoned to death. 
This shows how serious thing it is to steal. It does not only disgrace the convict,but brings shame and dishonor to his entire household!The issue of stealing being in the blood is a bull talk that is unfounded. Therefore, let anyone who tries to justify stealing know that it is an injurious abuse!!!

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