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You know, just how a woman could after facing the shame, and pains associated with unwanted pregnancy and end up dumping the baby in this unthinkable place and manner,I do not understand. Yes,the baby has come,and it is already here with you. Fine! Would it rather not be more painful that
your product from the womb and all your pains and labor is thrown into a trash and paper? Whether you like it or not,that baby you left abandoned is yours and not anyone else's.

Yes,the blood that carries your gene and the history of your family and generation is lying helplessly there if you do not know. In fact, there is no difference between abortion and illicit dumping of babies this way in case you don't know. Oh,in case you have forgotten,that baby would soon bee taken by another woman who is more deserving to have a baby than you are,and then,the product of your labor would soon be enjoyed by another. Read more: should abortion be a personal choice or a question of morality?

We believe that problem shared is problem half solved, and that there is no problem that exists without solutions. Yes,you've given birth to this baby safely, alive must he be! Around you are so charitable homes and agencies to have taken this baby to instead of dumping him this way. Worse of it however is taking babies home and starve them to death.

Every child has right to live and grow! Any attempt to abrogate this is to life and humanity an injurious abuse!!!

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