Sex slavery : trafficking stories, History, statistics

  S*x slavery : trafficking stories, History, statistics

The good book says that excess of everything is bad. If you don't agree,go and eat more food than your body requires or take your drugs beyond your doctors prescription. No one will tell you how dangerous it will be to your physical emotional, or psychological well being.

S*x slavery is when someone engages in s*x activity for hours beyond their strengths, yet,refusing to give up. Many of the people who engage in this do it as their business to earn a living, while many others are kidnapped or trafficked to do so. To last longer in such sexual activity,the doers usually get drugged to give them sustainable strengths and power.
 Of course you know so much that the effect of every bad thing comes after action and this act is not exceptional. Those who enslave themselves with s*x usually develop brain tumor, heart diseases, lung failure and finally mental disorder.

Dearies,s*x slavery is not good for you, your personality, and health. It is injurious abuse!!!

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