Self abandonment disorder

Self abandonment disorder
Feeding my wonderful audience and dear beautiful readers with pictorial so injurious as this was never intentional, and I sincerely apologize for making you have some depressing feelings.But for the sake of reality purposes, I got this picture on shot to puff my shock on how much a lot of humans have neglected themselves to the point of having deep self injurious. 
What you are seeing here is a man's leg,having rotten with deep wounds. What could this man be doing when he first got the problem? Obviously, he has been living a wanderer that he has abandoned his self worth as though he is no longer a human,deserving life For years now beyond my counting, this man has been a beggar,getting alms and mercy from good people .
Yet, it never occurred to him that health is life,otherwise he would have sought a way to protect his legs from wicked bacteria. Why do beggars always neglect themselves, making themselves look pitiable?? Was he thinking that anyone would help him when he hasn't helped himself?Why do they take advantage of pity life to rob people, and sell their dignity?May these people know that anyone who makes himself vulnerable to pity,seeks to destroy his life. This is injurious abuse!!!

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