Racial discrimination : facts, racist

 Racial discrimination : facts, racist
Racial discrimination is when a person is treated less favorably than another in a similar situation because of their color, race,or language background.

One ugly thing about racial discrimination is the fact that it completely lives one thinking that someone from a different background is inferior to you,and can never possess anything better to offer. 
This unreasonable feeling makes it deniable for one to get his needs which surely cannot be found in his place, but in another. Racial discrimination blind fold ones eyes from seeing the good in another,even deny one from getting married to his lover,and suitor.

Discrimination forces one to act unfairly, and wickedly, even against the nature. There has never been anything good about racial discrimination in the history of mankind. In fact, racial discrimination is the only expression that has no advantage in it. To humanity, it is injurious abuse!!!

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