Overly attached feelings : emotionally attached to someone, definition

                      Overly attached feelings : emotionally attached to someone, definition

You know,love is truly a perfect bond of union which is seen in every living thing that has blood. In the world record,over 70% of girl children are loved more by their fathers especially if they are the first daughters of their families and vice-versa.

In Africa, when a woman is getting married to her husband, her mother rejoices and prays for more whereas the lady feels happy but with anxieties. At the moment of being finally given out in marriage, she cries,and cries as though she's being forsaken,not ever remembering she's been holistically given to the love of her life that she has always waited for. Such feelings are good and perfect!

When someone is overly attached to any blood relatives or friends, he then wishes that they should never separate or allow anything come between them and put them apart. This can occur among siblings, who will usually childishly feel that their lovely sisters shouldn't be married out as the result is leaving their family to another.

Getting overly attached with someone makes it look like someone is indispensable,he is your lifeline, and that you can't live without him. This is unrealistic, and unhealthy! It is injurious abuse!!!

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