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 Often failed relationships : Causes and solutions

Believe it or not, failed relationships have positive significances and effects. In fact it is good, it is healthy most times.When I ask how many of you would be willing to continue begging your claimed boyfriend or lover to continue putting up in love with you till death puts both of you apart, how many of you will show up? I guess none! You don't beg an ordinary boyfriend to stay in love with you until he is your husband! Take it into your tiny headed ears!!

If none of you would like to get involved in a relationship that has no love aroma but pretense,why would you force yourself to be loved by someone who says a clear no to you? When he leaves finally, why would you threaten death than live without him? Are you really okay?

There is this thing people have fear for. The fact that one can not survive without a lover! No,it is not true my dear. But no doubt, love is good! It is also sweet to the soul of life so much that when it is real,it can even increase the span of ones life. On the other hand however,when love which one feels is not real or genuine love,it can break and shatter ones life span into pieces. Yes,fake love can kill and destroy life,emotion,and the whole mental faculty of a man or woman.

Often failed relationship doesn't often mean that the victim is unfortunate or at fault. It simply means an early sign that one and his or her claimed lover are not compatible. Yes,if any relationship fails at early stage,it means that it could not have lasted in marriage,should such people manage the situation to marriage. Often failed relationship is liking to a baby who is learning to pick a first step and walk. Yes,that baby will often fail and fall to the ground as many times as possible,and no one will liking that baby as a failure,or unfortunate child. He fails and falls because he is still in the process of adapting to take a step that will last with him forever. The same is relationship. If one tries and it fails,let him try again until he or she gets on their feet,that,which will last for a life time.

Often failed relationship is  a signal that one has not met the right person for his kind. So,I can say: Let  wrong relationships always fail than pretend to succeed!

 Listen,when a relationship fails, just know that it has no reason to stand and couldn't have been. Learn to see things in an eagle's eye. Know when you are perching and when you have a stay in ones life. Learn that what is yours is a gift and a blessing you don't have to beg for, and that begging for attention is self degradation and injurious abuse!!!

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