Making love around kids : Effects and consequences

Making love around kids : Effects and consequences

An article from baby center says in part"it is healthy for children to know that their parents are in love". Yes,I agree because, it generates an atmosphere of peace,love and unity necessary for child's growth and development. Children sense of security is guaranteed, and their proper well being is assured.

Is making love around children proper? No! It takes children to a far away world of imagination,making them sense things in their little brains they ought not to. The truth is that, when your children stumble on you naked in action,they are not the one traumatized, but you are. To save the situation, many parents have explained to their kids that daddy and mummy show themselves love by kissing and lying too close with each other, or that they are having tickle fight.

Can you imagine what you can make your kids go through thinking about? What of your own emotion being under attack? The truth is that sex actions are naturally silly in both seeing and hearing and this to nature is injurious abuse!!!

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