lost of dignity

 lost of dignity

I never like the idea of any kind of begging, for any reason. If someone is blind, his only problem is blindness. He can still be productive by developing his brain in the act of singing, dancing washing, and in other skills. However, if someone is deaf or lame, he could still learn how to make or barb hair, or even how to repair shoes.

 I just know that any handicap can still be productive and make a living if the brain is put into good use and is willing to do so.I have seen a lot of handicap challenge complete normal persons,and make their lives worth living.

My point is that:

Since begging takes effort and energy to make people give you their money, you can still use the same energy to dignify yourself by working. However, anyone who could not work at all should have been in a very critical condition that he couldn't have moved out. Such ones are being cared for by their families.Let anyone who thinks that making oneself a liability, for any reason is just, be told that it is injurious abuse!!!

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