Lesbianism among queens : causes

Lesbianism among queens : causes

Am sure the latest news about the Anambra state miss beauty queen, who was caught in lesbianism has now gone viral on social media and in memory storage devices. 
She is not the first to be known for such silly and disgraceful deed in Nigeria, Africa, and in the whole wide world. Our knowledge of her as a lesbian gives shocks because, she represents beauty, morality, and absolute manners. Another shock news on this issue however is that many of our female footballers,singers,actors,lawyers and politicians are lesbians. 
These if you look intently, are people crowned with honor, respect and dignity yet, in them lies abominable, and shameful conducts. These people are our ambassadors, and social crusaders for moral and clean standing for their communities, states,countries, and families.

An annoying part of this issue is that lesbians are not common,ordinary people, but people with potentials,and gift,yet,see what shame they have brought upon themselves and what they represent.

Since lesbianism brings shame and disgrace, dishonor and humiliation, lost and destruction on the doers,it is not only evil that should be shunned,but to humanity, it is an injurious abuse!!!

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