Lack of trust in humans : issues

 Lack of trust in humans : issues 

Into every circle of life- marriage, dating, family, official duties ,etc trust is one basic ingredient for growth and development.
With trust,you give a maximum approval and reserve that something is in place, that is progress. With trust, you can never doubt that anything good can be faltered and that is hope and promises. This is what lack of trust means_ uncertainty, unguaranteed , lying,deception,and hopelessness.

More bad effect of lack of trust in any affair is that it creates atmosphere of discomfort in a unit. How can anything be achievable in such environment I asked?? Trust on the other side will make you see and have everything the way it is without deceit.

Lack of trust is evidence of shaky foundation, and shaky foundation is not healthy for is an injurious abuse!!!

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