Lack of motivation in children

 Lack of motivation in children

The dream of every parent usually is to see that their children succeed in everything. Whether you like it or not,the eye of every child is on their parents for guidance, and direction and none of these can be effective without MOTIVATION!

Motivation is the encouragement that a child receives which spurs him to do well and more. It could be simple comments like: welcome sweet, you tried, but put more effort; you are almost there, try a little more.
You can also motivate a child by buying him gifts no matter how small it is and give him reasons for it.

Everything is not about big school or education,to make a child succeed. It is about encouragement, and motivation! No child, no man,or woman ever succeeds or do better without motivation. Lack of motivation means set back for everyone, especially children. Not giving them the will to go on in life is injurious abuse!!!

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