Humiliation on African women : womanist theological ethics

Humiliation on African women : womanist theological ethics

In India,when a woman gives birth to a female child, the husband and his people plant beautiful flowers to celebrate and show extent of their joy.
In Africa, if a woman gives birth to a female child, they merely thank God that a child has been born safely,and if female children are frequently born by the woman, her husband's family will either send her packing, or bring home another woman to bear male children for the family. To African men, I ask: Do women determine the sex of children instead of you men?

It is only in Africa that when a man steals or commits adultery, he enjoys some immunities but if a woman does the same, she is stripped naked and be made to walk round in nakedness. To African culture, is womanhood an inferior subjects like animals? Are men above the law in your culture?

The expression,: 'no matter the level of education you may acquire, your place is still the kitchen only exist in African culture. No wonder the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu buhari told his wife,the first lady of Nigeria that her place only ends in his kitchen no matter her acquisition. Which would I mention and leave the other? If I tell you that the list is endless, you won't believe me,but, it is true.

In Africa,women have been marginalized and treated against their will,they have been humiliated and dejected. African ladies and women have been treated like people without any worth and this is injurious abuse!!!

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