Human hunting : abolition of slave trade, slavery in africa today

 Human hunting :  abolition of slave trade,  slavery in africa today
To children of 1990's and upward, the issue of human hunting may really sound untrue or unreal. Has there been anything called human hunting in history? Is it still real.
 In 1619,slave trade began when America came down to Africa and forcefully took able bodied men and women to their country to work in their tobacco farms as slaves. These Africans were regarded as nobody, but were merely seen as good for hard labor like beasts of burden. 
They were forced to forget their cultures, and their very way of life. Before long however, the beautiful women of Africa were sexually violated, and some of them became pregnant with children who are regarded today as black Americans.

Life,liberty, and source of happiness were all denied of the great black Africans. Racism and struggle for supremacy have been the major causes of human hunting, and this is injurious abuse!!!

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