How to know it is a lust : signs of lust, lust in man

How to know  it is a lust : signs of lust, lust in man
One time after looking at this photograph, some asked, "Aunty Monica,is this love or lust"?I looked at the picture again, and I said in answer, ' no,this is lust"!Love is an intense feeling of attraction for another person. It is so strong, that the other can live in you. Lust on the other hand is a strong desire of a sexual nature of ones physical attraction!
Love can only exist between two persons who want to belong to one another unconditionally. Yes,there is nothing wrong if physical properties such as height,color,or others become the first attraction. In fact most times,it is one thing that usually keeps the couple in their marriage. It is healthy, it is beautiful! Lust does not have such properties to keep you whole and healthy in relationships of a life time.

Anyone who thinks he can get a woman or tap some attractions from her wrongly should know that this is stealing and that it is an injurious abuse!!!

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