Forcing things to fit

Forcing things to fit

Have you ever seen a carpenter forcing a stone object to fit in with wood? What a time waster he is, trying aimlessly like a child who does not know left from right! That is exactly what it means trying to force things to fit.

Listen, every existing thing has been designed by an intelligent creator already having its natural match in place. If you ever want to get anything done, look for its match,it is not far fetched!

For a relationship, do not force it to match. Your life has been naturally made in a way to make room for people who are made to be there. Forcing it to match will surely burst it out,and tear it apart. The truth is that, you will never force anything that is made for you. It naturally fits in for you and brings you the joy of having it.

Dearies, don't force pieces that don't fit,it makes no sense.

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