Forced marriage in Nigeria : nigerian child marriage, early marriage in nigeria, causes consequences and solution

Forced marriage in Nigeria :Nigerian child marriage, early marriage in Nigeria, causes consequences and solution

How would you feel if you were asked to accept conditions that are against your will or wish? How would you feel when you learn that your right has been given to someone else or was never respected? Obviously you will feel hateful, empty, and more. 

That is what men,women and children who were forcefully given in marriage by their parents go through. To many of them, they live very miserably thereafter. We are not talking about an arranged marriage where a matchmaker brings a man or a woman for someone else to get married to.
 At least in this case,ones consent is given for acceptance if he or she so love the other. We are talking about a situation where a person is forcefully given in marriage either by pressure, abuse or by trick,without his wish.

Forced marriage has caused a lot of problems such as frustration, depression,hatred,mental disorder and even death. Forced marriage has never brought joy or happiness to homes and families as victims ever feel cheated. Forced marriage means denial of human Rights and freedom of choice. It is wickedness, and injurious abuse!!!

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