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But honestly, this is what we see in vogue among our big boys and girls in society today. I don't know,but from all indications,our societal youths are saying they are the boldest generation there can ever be in the world!. By dressing shamelessly I ask? Just wherever the pictures shown above may have been captured from,I don't know,but I am truly grateful!To the creator of these pictures I say thank you.Thank you for bringing to live the real meaning of crazy wears such as this.Yes,there is actually no difference between a normal person who gets a beautiful clothing,only to use some sharp objects and tear them into pieces,and chooses to dress in rags or in a see- through dresses and a mad person who goes naked on the street. Dress and grooming!

Just what crazy dresses make our big boys and girls feel,I do not know. And just what the makers of these dresses have in mind or try to project I also do not know.The saying that : 'you are what you wear' has not gone obsolete. It is still most current and useful in our time,and in all generations to come.

In the first place,what would ever move a young and beautiful people to wear dresses that are as ugly and dirty as rags picked from a mire? The worse of it all is that people who put on torn dresses in the name of fashion can never be groomed as beautiful,or people with soundness of mind. My dear,prove me wrong if you doubt me!

For the young boy out there who is looking for potential young woman to marry,am sorry,you can never get one if you keep your choice of dress and grooming this way. And for my young lady who says she wants a God fearing and decent man for marriage,believe it,ruggedity shall be what you will get at the end of the day,if you continue making your choice of dress and grooming rugged and dirty!

People, young stars and future gallants,think before you act. Ruggedness in dress and grooming is injurious abuse,and paves way for nothing good!!!

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