Disappointing relationship : causes and solution

Disappointing relationship : causes and solution

No relationship begins without attraction. Whether you willingly accept it,or you were forced into it. There must be an interest which a relationship must fulfill.

Honestly speaking, there is absolutely nothing wrong when relationship fails. It gives a clear message that the pillar is weak and that the center cannot hold and I don't know which responsible and reasonable person can stay in a falling building.
 However, the only thing wrong with a failed relationship is when you have known deep down in you that you cannot have a future with your partner for real or that she is not your heart desire and you still continue in pretense that you love her. Every day that passes by is an added love span she has formed for you,even sending a non available signal to other suitors because you have always made her feel she is your mistress.

In as much as we can not always fight certain things by ourselves, don't ever forget that the guilty can never go unpunished either now,or later! Dearies, there is no award in disappointing someone! It is not a fair thing to do,it is simply an injurious abuse!!!

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