Denial : living in denial

Denial : living in denial

Getting this picture was one thing I could do to prove that real love exists, and that something people called " destined to marry doesn't exist! Yes, it doesn't.If you have always known a lady,right from when she was a baby, and both of you used to play together, getting along all the time, and being seen as two good friends, that is sweet and lovely.
If you CONTINUE WELL with her and she becomes fully grown, and you both are now ATTACHED, then you could make her give you her hands even when movement in search of green pasture could distance you apart.Love grows,and feelings generates!

My point is:

No matter how long you've known a lady,if you're not able to get attached to her, then you both can never be joined together.
Feelings generate when the soul sees attractions in another!
Love grows when one sees desirable qualities and shares romantic feelings with the opposite sex.
Love doesn't come by chance, efforts are needed to make it grow.
If you're not able to generate feelings in a lady and you want to make her your woman, just know man,that this is injurious abuse!!!

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