Careless attitudes among drivers-accident sampling,accident and emmergency,

I don't like it when accidents occur and people try to blame wicked forces like Satan the devil and his agents all the time as though humans are faultless. If we keep doing this, we could be sure that more of accidents will be occurring every now and then as we will always zip off our balls on sights.

For knowledge sake, accidents occurrences are attributed to 98% carelessness of man himself and later,the blame would be on the devil,either as a result of incompleteness of learning, or ignorance on his part. The remaining 2% is as a result of unforeseen occurrence.What would you expect of a tricycle on a high way which is run on a flat Tyre,with heavy loads? Your answers are as good as mine! Accident, disaster or even death of both the passengers and driver. This could only be caused as a result of careless attitudes among drivers.

Many people, especially Nigerian drivers take to driving without first applying some necessary rules. They always take for granted,matters of serious concern and this often lead to severe pains and loss. Yes,this is the result of careless attitudes among drivers.

Yes,there is this other thing that causes accident in the same country called Nigeria,which everyone knows,but shy to talk about. Police men . Yes,this civil servants have decided to make it very lawful by themselves,by unlawfully collecting money which only them termed ''white'' which is the Nigerian #50 note. Any keke or commercial bus driver who refuses to give police men this money,is sure to delay himself on the road or run himself and his passengers into many dangers. When I tell you that our eyes have seen and that our ears have heard countless number of accidents caused on high ways by police men,who often run after some keke or commercial bus drivers for refusing to give them #50 note on the way,please believe me. These drivers would be running and jumping on every seen corner for escape,only to end up many times, jumping into a pothole,causing a very serious accident,as the one seen in the above picture.

Whether you like it or not,a stitch in time,saves nine; and carelessness brings nothing good! This is injurious abuse,and careless attitudes among drivers,should be put on check!!!

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