Baby dumping in Nigeria : causes and effects, Solutions

Baby dumping in Nigeria : causes and effects
We' be watched in films, read in books,and heard people talked about babies being dumped and picked up in bush areas, dustbins,in swamp places or even in gutters.These are the News we hear each day about how stupidly teenage mothers abandon their children without putting in consideration the babies physical or mental health.

For Christ sake,the reasons for abandoning born kids in abusive areas for reasons of no money or means to care for them or a way of averting or hiding your shame in shell to avoid people from knowing you were ever pregnant is arrant nonsense!

If you know you aren't ready for child birth why would you do a thing that would result to it? Dear ladies,and gentle men,if you are ashamed of having a baby at a time or in a way you shouldn't, why weren't the shame of being naked and opening your legs stop you from acting shamelessly??

Now you have a baby,a precious life brought to this earth,you think the best you can do is to dump and discard him because of shame?? This is simply injurious abuse!!!

The act of baby dumping is a universal issue, one that cannot be over emphasized.A careful research and studies have proven that teen pregnancy has resulted to child abandonment by 80%. This is usually common if they couldn't succeed in abortion.Yes,having kids especially when you are not ready for it, or when you have no support anywhere could be very challenging,confusing, and traumatic.

Dear ladies, a lot of agencies both government and non government have been opened to accept children of circumstances such as this. Do make bold to meet them and the baby becomes theirs instead of trashing or abandoning them.Another solutions could be found around us.
Do make bold to meet any kind hearted people or philanthropist for help. Your village kings and elders,churches and missionaries can also be of help! If your culture does not permit child out of wedlock, on finding out you're pregnant, take a leave to a distance and give birth to your baby instead of abortion. Start off any job and keep savings for sometime. You will see miracles lucking for you and your babies.

Dearest, instead of thinking negative as solutions to problems, think positive! That is the only way you can find help and achievement.Babies abandonment is evil,wicked, and injurious abuse!!!

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