Animals cruelty in Nigeria

Animals cruelty in Nigeria

Animal cruelty or abuse is intentional infliction of suffering on animals by humans because they are non humans. In Western world, animals are treated with respect like humans. They are not killed for any illicit reasons but for purposes.

In Nigeria, animal abuse is as common as nothing. First, Nigerians do not absolutely accept that animals should have shelter or be given their special foods, no. They are usually kept outside in the rain or in sun. Food remains are usually their own feeds,and babies faces are given them as foods.

Animals are brutal ed indiscriminately in Nigeria! They are mainly for food, and as beasts of burden. The thought of animals for pets is seen as foolishness in Nigeria and that is why they can bruise them,kill them and throw their bodies by bush sides. This wickedness on animals is unjust, and an injurious abuse!!!

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