Sugar Mama In Texas, USA Just Joined Us, Apply Now!!!

I’m a divorced woman with three great kids that frequently suck my will to live! Seriously, I find being a mom has a special meaning. They are the best part of my life!Sugar Mama In Texas, USA 

Irish heritage makes my features unique! Only 1-2% of the world’s population has red hair and blue eyes! I’m honoured to be a rare beauty!

I’ve worked in healthcare for more than 26 yrs. I love what I do! Once upon a time, I did health care in the army. Those were fantastic years & I’m proud to call myself a veteran!

I’m presently working on my Master’s degree, makes my life busy…but, success is achieving life goals! Fight on!!

I’m an affectionate person, and strongly desire the same in public & private. Someone who is passionate & can keep me satisfied with a fulfilling relationship. I find well educated & intelligent men attractive, especially since communication is the foundation to a successful partnership.
I want someone who adores me, my curves & my tender heart. I want to feel cherished & protected. But, I can’t do a suffocating relationship. Nor can I have a workaholic for a partner. I’ve done both of those & both are way too painful! I just wanna have fun & be carefree with the man of my dreams! Not too much to ask for, is it?

Oh, if you’re willing to wear a kilt & not be embarrassed, then you’ll get bonus points!
I’m looking for an adventurous gentleman that is thoughtful, passionate & kind. Those four qualities are key for me! I find an educated, intelligent man very sexy! Also, a man that has a sense of humour, I love to laugh and play darts; if you can beat me, I’ll be impressed.

Once upon a time, I used to fish. Salmon & halibut in Alaska, marlin in Mexico & red snapper in the gulf… I miss it & would love to find a fishing partner.
I’m a sucker for a big, wide smile! Smile at me & I promise to smile back at you!!

BTW: if you don’t have a picture on your profile, I most likely won’t respond. Please send a pic w/your message. Thank you
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